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iPhone Flare

Remember when it felt like a total shame to cover up your sleek new iPhone with a clunky case?  When the Verizon man suggested you buy an Otterbox and waved it away? But then you dropped your iPhone – maybe cracked it, maybe shattered it, maybe have gone through a couple…and you finally sprung for … Continue reading

Cultivate Your Mindset to Land the Perfect Job

The question on everyone’s mind these days:  How do I have it all, a great job that I love, a healthy social life, and hobbies that keep me fulfilled? With only 24 hours in the day it sometimes seems impossible.   If I spend 7 hours sleeping and 9 hours a day working, I’m down to … Continue reading

We’re Back!

It’s been a long and ridiculous but mostly awesome journey from North Carolina to sunny Los Angeles.  And let us just say: we love In-N-Out, even despite the fact it’s not quite Cookout and it doesn’t carry Bojangles biscuits. We started this blog with the intention of filling some spare time before we packed our … Continue reading

Is the Wallet a Thing of the Past?

According to the Square app (and others like it), they just might be.  About 2 million Americans currently use Square and its tiny card reader to conduct transactions, and it’s only getting more popular. Think that’s big? Well now there’s Pay with Square, an app targeted at small to medium sized businesses that allows their … Continue reading

The Art of the Man Satchel

If you’re a guy in the city, the messenger bag is the way to go. Whether you’re commuting to the office or meeting a friend at a coffee shop, these functional and stylish bags have been a mainstay in the male wardrobe since postal carriers started using them in the early 20th century. Except, now … Continue reading

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