So, You Think Your Bachelor’s Degree Is Enough?

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There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about the skyrocketing costs of higher education.  And despite Late Night crooning from President Obama, this problem has lurked in the background for decades.  College costs have risen dramatically,  and at the same time, recent graduates are having trouble finding jobs, fundamentally calling into question the value of a degree.

While I would argue that there are tons of social benefits to higher education, it’s impossible to ignore the monetary benefits.  Even in a sluggish economy, college graduates are employed at the twice the rate of people without high school diplomas and have much higher earnings potential (even those of us with Liberal Arts degrees!).

But what about the future you say? One world word for you: GLOBALIZATION. America still produces, well America.  We broadcast our culture and ideas all over the world.  Even though the material goods are often produced somewhere else, the intellectual material for companies like Apple and Facebook are homegrown.

There is a large and increasing demand for advanced degrees, and if you don’t believe me, then trust those gents at Georgetown. In any event, you better enroll quickly because the Chinese are coming to steal the idea for the next iPhone.

2 Responses to “So, You Think Your Bachelor’s Degree Is Enough?”
  1. Very useful graphic. Thank you.

  2. BTW, I have shared the image on my blog, too!

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