The Battle for Maps

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Do you remember MapQuest? Neither do we.

Whether going to a friend’s new apartment, getting directions to a business from Yelp  or making sure a cabbie isn’t trying to rip you off, there is only one place to turn: Good ole’ Google Maps.

Apple’s latest announcement   however, makes it is clear that Google’s supremacy is being challenged.    With ad revenue and loads of personal data on the line, it’s become apparent that maps are the latest battle in “The Great Tech War”.

While Google Maps won’t be dethroned over night (if ever), this clash of tech titans is a great illustration of the monetization of the web. Google can no longer afford to only be a great search engine, just as Apple must do more than sell ingenious hardware.  The days of the internet’s Wild West are gone, and while these companies manifested their internet destiny, it’s clear that as these companies seek to control what’s left of the frontier,  conflict is inevitable.

So what does the battle for maps mean?

The Good: Better maps! With awesome new features like 3-D viewing, the user will ultimately benefit.

The Bad: Let’s just say it’s a bad time to be in the GPS business.

The Ugly: Hope you’re not one of those people worried about data mining and privacy

Regardless of the outcome of this battle, it’s about time Siri learned to tell me where to turn!

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