Art Snob on a Budget

Unless you’re in the market for a coveted Picasso, art collecting isn’t just for the corporate and/or trust fund set anymore.  When Jen Bekman started 20×200 in 2007, she had two simple goals: get emerging artists on the map, and get their work into the hands of people who appreciate talent.  But she also knew that not all those consumers could afford to spend thousands (or even hundreds) on some visually stimulating home decor, so she decided to purvey limited edition prints of sometimes edgy, definitely creative and undoubtedly talented artists who deserve some love.

Here’s how it works:Browse the collection that’s featured works from over 200 artists to date.  Pick a piece you like, and then select sizing and framing options.  Though prices may vary slightly, an 8″x10″ print goes for $24, an 11″x14″ for $60 and a 16″x20″ for $240.  You can also add a mat and a frame for an additional cost.  But move quick if you find yourself in love, because once a pieces is sold out, it’s gone for good.Sign up for their 20×200 Newsletter or or their 16-Hour Steals notifications, you’ll be kept in the loop on deals and discounts.  Or, click on over to 20×200 right now for their Ridonk Sale and get 20% off on order of $50 or more through June 18.  Just enter code RIDONK at check out.  Yes, seriously.

Hear what Bekman has to say about her business here:

(Images and video via 20×


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