Guest Post: Flop City

We’ve heard Rack City…

The NBA was witness to Lob City…

But this year’s NBA playoffs have been played in Flop City.   This post is partly inspired by my new favorite tweeter @SBNationGIF.  Think instant replay but it GIF format.  Keep updated with @SBNationGIF for game 4 of the NBA Finals today and you will surely be amused. 

Now, on with the flopping.   This year’s NBA playoffs have been so riddled with flopping (see definition) that at times I thought I was watching the Euro Cup.  

Here’s Tracy Morgan with a demonstration:

Continue down to see some of the best acting performances of the playoffs in beautiful HD GIF (ok maybe not HD).   This one’s got a little extra flavor for the Star Wars nerds.  Who knew David West was so learned in the ways of the force.



This is getting ridiculous:

My Favorite Flop and Subsequent Stare Down:

Remember, if you’re an NBA star reading The Switchboard, Derek Fisher does not approve.   This is a critical time for the NBA, players are demanding ridiculous amounts of money and still can’t afford lenses in their glasses.  In a few days we won’t be able to answer the “Lebron v. MJ?” question with, “Show me the ring.” The Bobcats still suck (more on that later) and NBA super-athletes are throwing themselves around like soccer players. But hey, I’ll still watch.

(Feature Image via FoxSportsArizona)


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