Google Sees the Future

Though Google has certainly been tech force to be reckoned with for about as long as any of us can remember, the fact of the matter is that Apple has always been sexier.  Let’s be real: having the full MacBook, iPhone, iPad Trifecta just feels so…right.  But when it comes to technology you wear on your face, well, Google has the leg up on this one.

Richard W. DeVaul, one of Apple’s engineers in wearable technology left the company in 2011 to join Google’s development lab, and the results have been revolutionary to say the least. Enter Google’s Project Glass, which allows users to simply slip on a pair of glasses and have instant access through the projection to weather updates, appointments, reminders and chats.  It’s like wearing your smartphone on your face.

And while the glasses could certainly use a design overhaul (the current prototype is vaguely reminiscent of something you might see on StarTrek), the technology is there, and the future is clear:  Let’s just say that embedding the same technology in contact lenses may not be as far off on the horizon as you might think.

(All images via Google)


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