Blitzkrieg! Germany and Greece Square off

So two weeks ago while Lebron was polishing his new chrome, there was another sporting event of historical importance taking place:  The Euro 2012 quarterfinal match between Greece and Germany.

Now, I know what your thinking: “Hmm, it seems like this isn’t the only headline between these two countries in the news.”  Anyone who occasionally reads a newspaper (yes those still exist) or turns the dial to NPR knows about the situation in Europe.

For those of you not-so in-tune with the European showdown, what’s generally going on (back off international relations majors) can be described as follows:
There is a central currency (the Euro) used in most countries of the European Union.  Some of those countries are rich (Germany).  Some are poor (Wait who the hell let in Estonia?). And some countries (Greece) have exercised the financial prowess of Cartman at the 00:50 second mark.

Remember the outrage when the US Government bailed out banks that were “Too big to fail?” Well now imagine that Germany is the US Government and Greece is Lehman Brothers.  Throw in half a dozen languages, hundreds of years of divisive border disputes and a couple world wars and you have backlash in both countries that makes Zuccoti Park look like a Grateful Dead farewell tour.

Germans are accusing Greeks of being lazy spendthrifts who should auction off the Acropolis to pay their debts. And Greeks are accusing Germans of being expansionist hardliners using an extreme economic crisis to justify cementing political and military control over Europe.  Now if only there was a single word for that…

Now some of you may be wondering, what does this have to do with a Futbol (soccer) game? Well, it’s a giant metaphor. Instead of boring you with tons of data and theory about economics, international relations, and current events in Europe, we thought we would sum up the entire political and economic situation right now and leave you with a sports headline “Slick Germany crushes Greek dreams again” instead.

Sorry Greece… I’ve seen how this whole situation plays out.

2 Responses to “Blitzkrieg! Germany and Greece Square off”
  1. Is it World Cup time again? I do not follow football but I used to live in a culturally diverse neighborhood in Los Angeles, and you knew when it was that time. The Koreans, Espantics from many countries. They would blow those loud horns, but I liked it, it was exciting to see how into they all were.

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