Is the Wallet a Thing of the Past?

According to the Square app (and others like it), they just might be.  About 2 million Americans currently use Square and its tiny card reader to conduct transactions, and it’s only getting more popular.

Think that’s big? Well now there’s Pay with Square, an app targeted at small to medium sized businesses that allows their iPad (read: de-facto cash register) to detect your Square app account on your phone as soon as you walk into the store.  You photo pops up on their screen, they verify your identity by facial recognition, click your picture and, because your Pay with Square app is connected to your credit card account, the transaction is complete.

Only about 75,000 business nationwide currently use the Pay with Square program, but the opportunities for growth are too major to ignore.  Whether you think this constitutes a violation of privacy or not, Pay with Square will allow vendors to keep track of what you purchase the most, when you purchase it, and – in the interest of the consumer – thereby step up to a whole new level of customer service.

So as the cell phone becomes the new wallet, are you on board?

One Response to “Is the Wallet a Thing of the Past?”
  1. joiez says:

    Not on board yet… just had my card number jacked. Grrr….

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