iPhone Flare

Remember when it felt like a total shame to cover up your sleek new iPhone with a clunky case?  When the Verizon man suggested you buy an Otterbox and waved it away? But then you dropped your iPhone – maybe cracked it, maybe shattered it, maybe have gone through a couple…and you finally sprung for … Continue reading

Cultivate Your Mindset to Land the Perfect Job

The question on everyone’s mind these days:  How do I have it all, a great job that I love, a healthy social life, and hobbies that keep me fulfilled? With only 24 hours in the day it sometimes seems impossible.   If I spend 7 hours sleeping and 9 hours a day working, I’m down to … Continue reading

We’re Back!

It’s been a long and ridiculous but mostly awesome journey from North Carolina to sunny Los Angeles.  And let us just say: we love In-N-Out, even despite the fact it’s not quite Cookout and it doesn’t carry Bojangles biscuits. We started this blog with the intention of filling some spare time before we packed our … Continue reading

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