Cultivate Your Mindset to Land the Perfect Job

The question on everyone’s mind these days:  How do I have it all, a great job that I love, a healthy social life, and hobbies that keep me fulfilled?

With only 24 hours in the day it sometimes seems impossible.   If I spend 7 hours sleeping and 9 hours a day working, I’m down to 8 hours before I even factor in the other necessities like commuting, eating, and getting dressed in the morning.

Well here at The Switchboard we have an action step for you. Sit down and make a list.

What do you love?

What are you interested in that you could learn more about?

What actually prevents you from doing these things?

What are the differences between your espoused values and your actual commitment to them?

What are your strengths?

(And if that’s not enough, here are some other resources from career guru John Kobara.)

We believe that the secret is to cultivate your passions.  Figure out what you really love and make time for it outside your current work.  We all know that the typical career doesn’t look like it used to.  Let’s face it – no one spends 40 years on the assembly line, gets the gold watch and retires anymore.  Careers are fast paced, fluid and constantly transitioning.  The only way to survive is to adapt. How do you adapt? CULTIVATE your passions.  One of our favorite books on this topic is Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need – quick read, and definitely worth it.

The big myth out there right now is that There Are No Jobs. The truth is though, there are jobs; great ones, you just have to know where to look. But you shouldn’t approach finding them from the standpoint of “This is a smart career move,” or “The benefits there are great.”  Sure we all need the stability of a steady income, but stability will come by seeking out jobs that you are passionate about.

Career transitions happen whether we want them to or not and the only thing we can guarantee is how we respond.  Use your short list of passions to explore new options when you need to – don’t get stuck in a job because you feel like that industry is the only place where you have a skill set.  Newsflash: No one is actually prepared for a new job.

So take 30 minutes, step back from your daily grind and honestly answer the hard questions. You’ll be needing these before you know it.

One Response to “Cultivate Your Mindset to Land the Perfect Job”
  1. Greg Mercer says:

    My experience is that you can have it all but not necessarily all at the same time.

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