iPhone Flare

Remember when it felt like a total shame to cover up your sleek new iPhone with a clunky case?  When the Verizon man suggested you buy an Otterbox and waved it away?

But then you dropped your iPhone – maybe cracked it, maybe shattered it, maybe have gone through a couple…and you finally sprung for the Otterbox.  Now, you’ve  had that lovely thing for a while and you’re ready for a change.  Which is why we’ve compiled this handy short-list of great iPhone cases.

This Bamboo Case  looks great and is a steal for $7.34, which is less than your lunch so just buy it.

Feeling expressive? Amy Sia’s artsy phone cases come in a pattern for every mood you’ve ever felt.  Personally, we’re feeling like you’ll want to buy a few.

This one’s a classic.  Literally.  This vintage Game Boy Case  also happens to be one of the best conversation starters we’ve come across in a while.  So at $1.44, we think it’s a no-brainer.

Most men don’t leave home before performing the old Three-Pocket Check – phone, keys, wallet.  Simplify the math with this case that cut’s the process down to two!  Phone and wallet in one means all you have to worry about are the keys.

If, for some reason, you can’t get over the practicality of your Otterbox, at least do yourself and everyone else a favor and purchase this hunting camo case.  Perhaps we’re just homesick for North Carolina, but we think it’s worth the $37.49 price-tag to earn the widespread respect of NASCAR fans everywhere.

And now that you’ve updated your phone’s look, don’t forget to update your apps.


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