Get Your Om On

Yoga definitely isn’t just for hippies and stay-at-home moms anymore.  Even the fittest athletes have found the benefits of a good practice: clear mind, deep stretching and, of course, a stronger body.  With studios popping up everywhere, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t at least tried one of yoga’s many varieties.  Whether you’re just … Continue reading

Blitzkrieg! Germany and Greece Square off

So two weeks ago while Lebron was polishing his new chrome, there was another sporting event of historical importance taking place:  The Euro 2012 quarterfinal match between Greece and Germany. Now, I know what your thinking: “Hmm, it seems like this isn’t the only headline between these two countries in the news.”  Anyone who occasionally … Continue reading

America: From Sea to Shining Sea

Let Freedom Ring.

Google Sees the Future

Though Google has certainly been tech force to be reckoned with for about as long as any of us can remember, the fact of the matter is that Apple has always been sexier.  Let’s be real: having the full MacBook, iPhone, iPad Trifecta just feels so…right.  But when it comes to technology you wear on … Continue reading

NBA Draft: Fixing Failure

Here at The Switchboard we like to focus on success: Those people, places and ideas that show the innovation of which our generation is capable.  This article examines nothing of the sort.  Let’s take a look at how we might fix one of the worst teams in sporting history. On the eve of the NBA … Continue reading

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