iPhone Flare

Remember when it felt like a total shame to cover up your sleek new iPhone with a clunky case?  When the Verizon man suggested you buy an Otterbox and waved it away? But then you dropped your iPhone – maybe cracked it, maybe shattered it, maybe have gone through a couple…and you finally sprung for … Continue reading

Is the Wallet a Thing of the Past?

According to the Square app (and others like it), they just might be.  About 2 million Americans currently use Square and its tiny card reader to conduct transactions, and it’s only getting more popular. Think that’s big? Well now there’s Pay with Square, an app targeted at small to medium sized businesses that allows their … Continue reading

The Only Address Book You’ll Ever Need

You have friends on Twitter.  You’ve got friends on Facebook.  You have 4Square and LinkedIn accounts, not to mention all your phone and email contacts.  In this day and age, staying in touch can be downright daunting – but not anymore. Now you’ve got Brewster, an free app that aggregates your contacts from  all of … Continue reading

The Boom Box is Back

…But not the way you remember it.  Boombotix has redefined the boom box in some pretty revolutionary ways, and you’re going to love it. With two versions, Boombot1 and Boombot2, you can choose whether you want to stay plugged in, or go wireless.  These speakers are compatible with about any form of technology you can … Continue reading

TOUT App Makes Video Status Updates a Reality

Do something cool today?  Well, you could take the pictures and put them in your photo album, but lets be real: no one does that anymore.  More likely, you’ll upload them to Facebook or make a status about your adventures.  Maybe you’ll Tweet a play-by-play in 140 characters or less.  But the best new way … Continue reading

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